How to Fly Emirates First Class with Miles & Points

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anything so the first thing that you

want to do is you want to familiarize

yourself with some of the emirates

routes so if you're based here in the US

emirates actually flies to a pretty

decent amount of destinations even

places that you might not think like

fort lauderdale so you can find a list

of all of those destinations in the

article below

but something to keep in mind is that if

you're flying from or to the US then for

the most part you're gonna be paying a

lot in fees but if you're flying in

other parts of the world with emirates

you can often avoid those fees so i'm

gonna talk about a lot of those ways to

avoid fees but that's just something to

keep in mind the next thing you want to

know about emirates first class is that

they have different types of products

out there so the most popular product is

probably still the a380 and that's just

because it's been around for a longer

amount of time and even though it has

been around for a little while it still

is a fantastic product they have by far

the best shower experience on board they

have an awesome bar and the suites are

maybe a tad bit confining but still a

pretty amazing experience and in my

experience the service and dining has

always been top notch as well so the

a380 first class on emirates is still

very high on my list there's also the

new first class and you'll find this on

the triple 7 300 eat are now this is

regarded as possibly the best

first-class product in the world the

only problem is is that it hasn't really

been opened up to awards yet so it can

be very challenging to book but it is a

phenomenal product I have

flown it yet but all you have to do is

watch a video and you'll see exactly how

amazing it is if you're curious about

some of the routes that it flies on you

can find those in the article below and

also just know that Emirates also has a

two class cabin on the triple7 so if

you're looking at different aircraft and

routes don't get confused because some

aircraft may only go up to business


so along with your routing you also want

to consider the lounge experience

because Emirates has one of the biggest

and nicest airport lounges in the world

at their hub and Dubai so if you can you

want to try to work your flight through

Dubai which won't be hard if you're

going anywhere around the world on a

very long flight but even if you're not

able to take advantage of that Emirates

does still have some nice lounges in

other places of the world we recently

flew from Milan to New York and we

actually got to board the plane directly

from the lounge which was really cool

now there's also a program called Dubai

connect so if you have a layover

anywhere from 6 to 24 hours you can

actually get certain expenses covered

like lodging Mills and even visa cost

also Dubai to me is a awesome layover

place because there are so many weird

kind of different things to try out

there so this is definitely a spot where

it can be fun to take advantage of a

layover ok so how do you find open

Emirates Awards well you can start by

searching through the Emirates website

the skywards website and what you'll do

is you'll create an account and then

you're going to search for classic

rewards by the way for all of these

different methods I'm going to show you

you can find links to how to do these in

the article below

the next site you can use is Qantas

frequent flyer this is a great way to

search for Emirates rewards but the

drawback is that they don't show you the

fees for the flights and another solid

method is using the JKL mileage Bank

website I like this one a lot because

it's pretty easy to use and it also

allows you to see the fees that you're

going to pay on the flight it even

breaks it down by taxes and surcharges

so now that you know how to find open

Awards how do you actually get miles to

fly on Emirates well there are quite a

few ways you can do this and I'll start

off by talking about ways to earn miles

that you can transfer out to partners

American Express is a one-to-one

transfer partners with Emirates and

there are a lot of different Amex cards

that can earn you a lot of points so in

my mind if you're trying to earn points

for Emirates I really think that you

should look into American Express cards

because it's going to be a great way to

earn a lot of points also if you have

the MX business Platinum Card you can

redeem membership rewards for one point

five four cents per point which is

pretty decent and if you ever find an

Emirates first-class flight on the

cheaper side you can use this portal to

book that flight it's gonna require a

lot of points but depending on how cheap

you can find that fare it may not be as

bad as you think so the next way to book

Emirates first-class awards is using

Alaska mileage plan now up until March

of 2016 this was pretty much the best

way to do this because the Redemption

rates were so great but then Alaska did

an overnight devaluation and some of the

prices went up by as much as 100 percent

so now you're looking at some really

high prices like from North America to

the Middle East for 150,000 miles one

way in first-class but the good news is

that Alaska does not charge fees on

Emirates flights so this is a great way

to avoid paying out of pocket for a lot

of those high cash fees that other

programs will charge you for in fact the

total fees may be anywhere from 20 to 50

dollars and when you consider the cash

value of some of these emirates flights

that is pretty insane now one thing

about using alaska miles to fly out

emirates is that your flights must

originate or terminate in North America

also they allow stopover zone one-way

flights so if you're flying through

Dubai it's a great way to be able to see

more of the city for a few days instead

of being limited to a 24 hour time frame

but keep in mind that if you go through

a partner like Alaska and don't book

directly with Emirates you miss out on

things like the chauffer service now

Alaska is not a partner of any major

program but they are a transfer partner

of Marriott there's also Bank of America

Alaska cards which in the past have been

a great way to earn a lot of points

although Bank of America has recently

clamped down with new rules

so overall Alaska mileage plant is great

for avoiding the fees on Emirates but it

has some of the most expensive

Redemption rates and now Alaska miles

are actually harder to earn than ever

before so it does have limited

practicality for a lot of people the

next program is Japan Airlines JKL

mileage bank now Jil is still one of the

best ways to fly on Emirates but they

did recently impose some ridiculously

high surcharges on some Emirates flights

so in some cases it could cost you as

much as $1,700 to fly Emirates with Jay

Al miles also Jay al just had a recent

devaluation with their partner

charts which are distance based so

things have gotten more expensive though

the devaluation was not that bad now one

thing about the fees is that you can

actually avoid these by flying out of

specific destinations so for example if

you're departing from a place like Hong

Kong you can avoid those fees other

places include cities like Colombo

Manila Sydney Tokyo and there could be

some others out there so just know that

the fees don't always have to be a huge

issue on JKL if you find the right

departure so if you're wondering what

kind of prices you can expect to pay

with je al here are some examples of

some redemptions that have worked in the

past so you can see 65,000 miles from

Hong Kong to Dubai in only 46 dollars

and fees and then Sydney to Dubai for 63

thousand miles and only sixty-seven

dollars in fees so Jay Al can still

definitely be one of the best ways to

book Emirates but it really is all about

finding those departure cities that are

going to have the limited fees the next

method is to just booked through

Emirates its own frequent flyer program

now the drawback to booking directly

through Emirates is that the prices both

in fees and in miles can be pretty high

but it still can be pretty manageable

and something to keep in mind is that

the round-trip prices are going to be

cheaper than two one-way Awards so if

you're going for maximum efficiency you

want to try to book around trips to save

on your miles so here are some examples

of the mileage requirements and some

fees that I've pulled up in the past

we've got JFK to Johannesburg for one

hundred and seventy eight thousand seven

hundred and fifty miles and eight

hundred and fifty-two dollars in fees

JFK to Hong Kong for one hundred and

thirty one thousand two hundred and

fifty miles and eight hundred and fifty

two dollars but then you can also see

some cheaper fees flying from Milan to

JFK for only eighty five thousand miles

and fees at euros at about 250 s so as

you can see the fees can be a lot but

again you can get around this by flying

out of certain cities like Hong Kong and

what's more is that you can actually

connect from Hong Kong to the US and

still pay those low fees so in this

example I pull up a first-class

itinerary from Hong Kong through Dubai

to the US and the feasts actually came

out to only around 70 dollars and one

thing that's great about Emirates

skywards is that you will still get the

first class show first service so at

most cities that you're flying out of

are into you can get show first service

that will take you to the airport and

then also pick you up from the airport

and take you to your hotel now there are

certain mileage requirements usually

there's a certain radius that the hotel

has to be located and but it's usually a

pretty generous radius to be honest so

you don't have to be very close to the

airport also they do contract out the

chauffer service to a lot of third

parties so sometimes the chauffer

service kind of can be lacking in fact

on a recent flight we were picked up in

New York and taken to our hotel by one

of the rudest sons of I've ever

been driven by and we actually did not

even leave him a tip or anything because

this guy literally was the worst so

another way to fly Emirates is to get

miles into Qantas now Qantas is a

transfer partner of City thank you

points now for the most part Qantas is

going to have a similar fees as Emirates

but that's not the case for every city

and so here are a couple of examples of

what you can expect with Qantas I have

Washington to buy at 144 thousand miles

in seven hundred and thirty dollars in

fees so that's roughly similar to what

Emirates would require but take a look

at this Dubai to Bangkok at seventy five

thousand miles and only twenty one

dollars and fees or Dubai to Rome for

only seventy five thousand miles and

three hundred and forty dollars in fees

so again it really does pay to pick the

right cities to depart from because

that's a way that you could easily save

hundreds of dollars in fees and still

experience that amazing first-class

Emirates experience the next partner

that you can use is Korean pear now

Korean is no longer a transfer partner

of Chase Ultimate Rewards which means

that it is a lot harder to build up a

balance with this program Korean air

does have a few things working against

it for one it requires round-trip

redemptions on partners and it also has

really high fees that are pretty much on

par with Emirates so it can be a pretty

expensive way to go finally there's also

the chase Ultimate Rewards route as I

talked about earlier you can transfer

Marriott points to some of these

partners like Jay Al and in some cases

you could at least consider transferring

your Ultimate Rewards to Marriott and

then to a program like Jay al now I

actually have an example in the article

below where I talk about getting over


per point in value for a first-class

redemption on Emirates but that does

require a lot of ultimate rewards and so

I would only really use this option if I

was someone who just really wanted to

experience Emirates and I had a lot of

ultimate rewards that I just didn't mind

kind of blowing through and finally you

might be wondering about Malaysia

Airlines because they are a partner of

Emirates but you are not allowed to use

their miles to booked first-class Awards

on Emirates and also JetBlue is another

partner with Emirates but they are only

an earning partner so you cannot use

your JetBlue points to book first class

on Emirates so I hope that this video

gave you a good overview of the

different ways to book first-class

flights with Emirates with miles and

points and if you found this video

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article below for more specific examples

of the different fees and mileage

requirements for all of the different